I would love to see a website with opt-in ads. That seems like a reasonable concession.

@jeffalyanak I'd like to see a website with ads that are stationary images/text and don't come with 2935973* trackers.

*Figures may be slightly hyperbolic

Honestly, I think it's really high time for a better form of income than ads.

I'd be happy to use a system where I could easily and fairly compensate websites of my choosing.


@jeffalyanak @sophia donation based monetization has problems as well. Content is catered to those privilidged enough to make donations. Ads will generate a lot more revenue per user than donation platforms available today. I used to work in ad tech and yes it’s terrible but I’ve seen this argument for years and don’t see it taking off.

@jeffalyanak @sophia I am totally with Sophia. Ads can be better. Ars Technica still has tracking, but their pay to opt out option is rad

Donation-based support works after a "critical mass" — there's a point where you don't need to pander to your doners and content becomes more free – but the problem is still adoption.

Advertising ethically just has its own set of problems. A paid opt-out model means that advertisers are increasingly going to be aiming at those who can't afford to pay.

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