Sometimes, JSX seems like the most over-engineered and convoluted thing.

When you’re waiting in a long line to vote, just remember: someone has waited overnight at a Supreme store to buy a brick.

@davatron5000 really enjoying the how to think like a front end developer series. 👍👍

@polymerwitch @jalcine I see a greater need for people to invest in their communities by owning their homes with loans from local credit unions. I say this with understanding that some of the most lasting and damaging racist practices are lending practices. Landlords are pretty terrible as well.

From my perspective, landlords who don’t have any investment in communities are a cancer.

Really getting back into Shoptalk Show with the @samkap episode. the dribbble thing at the end ✨💖

Pushed some major updates to typetura.js:

I’m extremely proud of this project and where it’s going! Still just the tip of the ice-burg.

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The key to Ember development is Cmd+Shift+F


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@samkap Ooo this is awesome and beautiful ✨

Liquid text in CSS leveraging CSS animations bound to width (or whatever you want to bind it to):

Possibly the next version of Typetura.js:

With a bit of Momentum mixed in ✨

Todays frustrations brought to you by intellectual property and capitalism. Thank you.


Remember when people knew jQuery, not JavaScript? Now people know React, not JavaScript.

@jalcine 💯It’s so weird to me that the DOM has become irrelevant and the cascade has been sidestepped.

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We live in a world where learning to use the DOM is irrelevant but instead React is the "layer" one needs to learn.

That <div>s are better than <button> or <input type=submit>.

That using `eventListener` or small event bus tools are "too much work".

That CSS is a hyper-Turing complete language and instead of looking for solutions to improve it, it's just dropped and masked altogether.


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