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Hey beautiful people.

Remember, you’re enough. More than.

@samkap I would really like to but can’t swing it financially

🇺🇸My partner @anatect made a video to promote civic engagement! Check it out!

@casey Yeah! thanks! It’s a wonderful place!

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Morning, beautiful people.

Don't spend too much time on yesterday and don't sweat tomorrow.

Set your intentions for today and go forth and flourish. You can do it. I'm cheering for you in the front row...

@NJ08 Thanks! The layout is the regular mastodon theme, all I did was change the colors and background.

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Hello friends I know I mentioned this last week, but it’s time for a new challenge. I’m looking for a design and / or front-end dev role in a product team.

More info:

I love
#a11y, #ProgressiveEnhancement and generally making good things that positively impact people.

Boosts appreciated 💖

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Is the auto-correct for apostrophes and quotes still broken in the final ios12 release or can we safely install it now?

@susanjrobertson I’m curious where you don’t feel great about Netlify?

@jalcine Yeah! Joshua Darden draws some beaufitul letters. Here’s a slight modification and kerning it all together

@jalcine Maybe use Omnes Pro Black Italic, all lowercase?

What would the line be like for early voting if Supreme made voting stickers 🤔

Literally the only career goals I have as an employee: I just want to do a good job and know that I’m valued. With that I’m content.

What do I tell my boss? Do I admit that I am a good dog in human form?

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Great first day of office hours: choosing typefaces, variable fonts, design tools. It’s fun talking with smart people! Sign up here:

Does anyone else sing Kanye’s “Lift Yourself” when cleaning your cats litter box?

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