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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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take me down to parallel city where the lines are straight and stretch to infinity

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Animated variable fonts out in the real world 😀
Public explorations with motion and variable fonts from @studiodumbar, on view soon at Dutch train stations and commercial spaces. Type by @bartvoll, motion and coding in @drawbotapp by Sander Sturing, an ongoing commission with @ExterionmediaNL:

Wow this article on Fourier Transforms is incredible:

A radius for every level in an atomic design system

@jeffalyanak @sophia I am totally with Sophia. Ads can be better. Ars Technica still has tracking, but their pay to opt out option is rad

@jeffalyanak @sophia donation based monetization has problems as well. Content is catered to those privilidged enough to make donations. Ads will generate a lot more revenue per user than donation platforms available today. I used to work in ad tech and yes it’s terrible but I’ve seen this argument for years and don’t see it taking off.

@Vlh I’m both unamused and very very intrigued.

My coworker, Lindsay Boylan, wrote about her journey to become a UX researcher

Happy winter solstice my northern hemisphere friends. We’re halfway out of the dark 🌚

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‘Jamra knew that a Cherokee font would never be on an “all-time bestsellers” list … he was motivated by compassion.’ —

Phoreus Cherokee:

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Still totally loving's easter egg animation when you resize your browser window. 👍

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RT She does! Thank you! The most engaging conference I’ve been to in the past 3 years. Now time to digest and supercharge our design system at :) #Clarity2018


My friend’s startup, Girls Night In, is hiring a senior full stack engineer! Details here:

Guess who’s gonna be in NYC Sunday and Monday around the time of @clarity ? ME! Hit me up if you wanna hang.

@jina @samkap @brad_frost

CSS gripes inspired by

1: Lack of Houdini support. I need to register properties on all the things yesterday. Also control over custom property calculations in JS would be awesome.
2: Form element styling in general. There needs to be a consistent way to do this maybe via the shadow DOM.
3: RIP CSS regions. This was the article that killed them: Grid flow helps, wanna see grid break like page-break-after

+ @Una

Breaking Boxes – Typography and Augmented Reality:

Really excited about this article by Andrew Johnson

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