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CSS gripes inspired by

1: Lack of Houdini support. I need to register properties on all the things yesterday. Also control over custom property calculations in JS would be awesome.
2: Form element styling in general. There needs to be a consistent way to do this maybe via the shadow DOM.
3: RIP CSS regions. This was the article that killed them: Grid flow helps, wanna see grid break like page-break-after

+ @Una

Breaking Boxes – Typography and Augmented Reality:

Really excited about this article by Andrew Johnson

@jina Sounds like I need one! Oof my carrier has been going down hill the past 5-6 years…

@jina So cute, your cat is doing the important job of managing your work/cat balance.

@Are0h Having followed you for a bit I see more optimism and positivity from your feed than anything else and appreciate that it has realness sprinkled in there as well. It’s a bummer some folks can’t handle it but I greatly appreciate the full spectrum of what you share here. Thank you for all you share.

Is “Smash Bros” a game about fighting the patriarchy?

Over the past couple years I’ve been working on a solution to fluid typesetting that is easy to use and easy to implement. Finally I’m ready to share it. Introducing typetura ✨ bear with me as I search in this tube for Bear

Sometimes, JSX seems like the most over-engineered and convoluted thing.

When you’re waiting in a long line to vote, just remember: someone has waited overnight at a Supreme store to buy a brick.

@davatron5000 really enjoying the how to think like a front end developer series. 👍👍 @jalcine I see a greater need for people to invest in their communities by owning their homes with loans from local credit unions. I say this with understanding that some of the most lasting and damaging racist practices are lending practices. Landlords are pretty terrible as well.

From my perspective, landlords who don’t have any investment in communities are a cancer.

Really getting back into Shoptalk Show with the @samkap episode. the dribbble thing at the end ✨💖

Pushed some major updates to typetura.js:

I’m extremely proud of this project and where it’s going! Still just the tip of the ice-burg.

Why was Ichabod Crane’s website invalid? 

It didn’t have a `<head>`

The key to Ember development is Cmd+Shift+F


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