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The key to Ember development is Cmd+Shift+F


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Liquid text in CSS leveraging CSS animations bound to width (or whatever you want to bind it to):

Possibly the next version of Typetura.js:

With a bit of Momentum mixed in ✨

Todays frustrations brought to you by intellectual property and capitalism. Thank you.


Remember when people knew jQuery, not JavaScript? Now people know React, not JavaScript.

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We live in a world where learning to use the DOM is irrelevant but instead React is the "layer" one needs to learn.

That <div>s are better than <button> or <input type=submit>.

That using `eventListener` or small event bus tools are "too much work".

That CSS is a hyper-Turing complete language and instead of looking for solutions to improve it, it's just dropped and masked altogether.


U.S. politics 

Thinking back to when I bought a Nexus 5 for $349… and looking at the Pixel 3 price…

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Pushed updates to Momentum CSS! Better browser compatibility, removed units for better flexibility in how values are used, and document ready + page load states are now exposed to CSS:

I wish there were police you could call on police for illegally parking in front of their stations

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Boss makes a dollar
I make a dime
That was a poem
From a simpler time

Boss makes three dollars
The economy's lit
I make a penny
And I haven't got shit

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Hey beautiful people.

Remember, you’re enough. More than.

🇺🇸My partner @anatect made a video to promote civic engagement! Check it out!

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Morning, beautiful people.

Don't spend too much time on yesterday and don't sweat tomorrow.

Set your intentions for today and go forth and flourish. You can do it. I'm cheering for you in the front row...

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Hello friends I know I mentioned this last week, but it’s time for a new challenge. I’m looking for a design and / or front-end dev role in a product team.

More info:

I love
#a11y, #ProgressiveEnhancement and generally making good things that positively impact people.

Boosts appreciated 💖

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